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Techfloor's partnership with DLW in the UK is focused on the end user, this unique relationship ensures the availability of the leading product ranges of DLW including Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tiles DLW VINYL FLOORING - Maximum durability with minimum care: DLW Vinyl floor covering offers fascinating designs and colours, while delivering excellent performance characteristics and the added protection of the PUR Eco System coating.

The selection includes homogeneous and heterogeneous floor coverings for almost any application. DLW Luxury Vinyl All new: Colours, shapes and functions New designs, exclusive imprints and innovative formats offer entirely new flooring possibilities. Amazingly authentic wood designs, extraordinary features and structures and distinctive solid colours are now all available in a wide variety of shapes and formats – including the Scala Wall covering format! Also brand new in the Scala 100 range: The expansive MaxPlank and uncommonly shaped DesignCut special formats.

All developed and manufactured in Germany. Scala 100, Scala 55 and Scala Easy are mutually distinct collections, each with their own purposes due to particular design and technical properties