Custom Carpet Manufacturing

Axminster, A contemporary classic,

From Cruise Ships to Casinos, Homes to Hotels, few carpet constructions have such wide applications, in the home or commercially. Even today with man-made fibres, the durability of a quality wool mix carpet cannot be understated.

This is the reason Axminster is still installed today in Pubs in the UK, and in Casinos in Las Vegas.

Techfloor have a portfolio of thousands of carpet designs, developed over decades of commercial hospitality work and residential business.

We can take a design brief and produce a colour strike off within 48 hours

Residential Axminster USA

  • Evie Rose Collection

Residential Axminster UK

  • R01 Fresh and Floral
  • R02 Country Estate
  • R03 Urban Village
  • R04 Neutral Moods

Commercial Axminster

  • C01 Westby
  • C02 Helmshore
  • C03 Longridge
  • C04 Moorside

Commercial Printed

Incredible design versaitility in high quality wool blends or bright, sharp polyamide nylon

  • P05 Salwick
  • P06 Edgeworth

Impervious Healthcare, Sirena

Solution Dyed, Impervious carpet, designed specificly for healthcare

  • H01 Warms
  • H02 Cools
  • H03 Neutrals
  • H04 Woods

Bespoke Hand-tufted

The ultimate in luxury