DLW Contour Conductive 2920-051 Silver

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Width 183cm
Overall thickness 2.2mm

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DLW Contour Conductive 2920-051 Silver

Additional Information

Gauge [EN-428] (mm) 2.2
LRV [EN410] % No
Lead Time 7-10 days
Product Type [EN-649] Homogeneous
Product Format Roll
Product Size [EN-426] 1.83m Wide
Pack Size (sqmt) 45.75
Total Weight [EN-430] (kg/sqmt) 3200
Slip Resistance [DIN 51130:2010] R9
Thermal Resistance [EN-12524] (sqmt k/w) 0.010
Behaviour To Fire [EN-13501-1] B(fl)-s1


Specially developed for use in the healthcare sector, Contour Conductive is ideal for applications calling for greater conductivity. Available in 4 colours, it can be ideally combined with non-conductive Contour floor covering.