Favorite PUR 726-035 Spring Green

Quick Overview

Overall thickness 2mm
Total weight 3300g/m2
Width 2m

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Favorite PUR 726-035 Spring Green

Additional Information

Gauge [EN-428] (mm) 2.0
LRV [EN410] % 59
Lead Time Contact Sales Office
Product Type [EN-649] Homogeneous
Product Format Roll
Product Size [EN-426] 1.83m Wide
Pack Size (sqmt) 45.75
Total Weight [EN-430] (kg/sqmt) 3300
Slip Resistance [DIN 51130:2010] R9
Thermal Resistance [EN-12524] (sqmt k/w) 0.010
Behaviour To Fire [EN-13501-1] B(fl)-s1


Striking and easy-care! Favorite is the first choice whenever an expressive and easy to care for alternative to plain surfaces is desired. Its characteristic chip design blends in with the background colour creating a harmonious, minimalist effect. The system includes 36 beautiful colour variations - between two and four tones per colour - to select from. The new Favorite pastel colours can be attractively combined with Pastell PUR and Pastell Conductive flooring and the technical variations Favorite R10 or Favorite Acoustic. DISCONTINUED, LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE